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Primary Schools


Case study – Primary School -Admin office refurbishment
Brief – Improve existing school office by providing better space utilisation and implementing basic ergonomic furniture & equipment arrangements to cater for the increased  pupil intake & day to day administration services and duties.
Scheme Design – Carry out survey and produce an equipment inventory combined with staff interviews, to establish the planning criteria for each individuals needs for work space, file storage and the requirements for interface with parents and pupils.
Scope of work – Produce photographic and dimensional survey to prepare scheme layouts and outline specifications.
 With the aid of sketch 3D visuals   present to the Head and staff to facilitate discussion and feedback, using layouts to illustrate the alternative options and implement changes.


 Case study – Primary School

New Female Staff Toilet & Shower
Brief – Complete strip-out and demolition of existing enclosure walls to form larger facility.
Scheme Design – The new scheme had to comply with the statutory ratio requirement for female teaching staff. The standard of finishes and fittings are to be a good quality partially to compensate for previous facilities that were completely out dated. At minimum the interior should include concealed pipe services ducts and matching cubicle panels, recessed lighting, good quality ceramic wall & floor tiling. The new  fit-out work to include interior applied insulation material  to comply with current Part L. building control regulations and also mitigate the heat loss from the solid 9” brick walls and concrete floors and ceiling.
Scope of work – Produce photographic and site survey, to prepare scheme layouts and outline specifications, spread sheet costs and Sketch 3D visuals.

Arrange initial meetings with borough surveyor, head teacher and site manager, to discuss options for layout, fittings, materials selection. ,



Case study –Grant Funding
Project Type: Submission of proposal to Department of Education, Grant Funding. [Three projects allowed]
Project One. Creation of new teaching and Canteen Annex buildings.
Brief – As a secondary grant proposal the school sanctioned the development of a previous planning feasibility study carried out by Spacedesign which had identified redundant space and buildings that could provide school facility expansion space.
Scope – The zones selected were surveyed including the plotting of existing drainage and internal services into full sets of drawings, specifications, 3D visuals were compiled ready to be reviewed as tender documents with accurate budgetary costs and contract programmes. The schools external facility management team processed contractor identification, selection and interview. In parallel with contract preparations, Spacedesign successfully submitted planning application for the three new building structures.





Case study – Primary School
Junior Toilets Refurbishment
Brief – Complete strip-out and upgrade of external boys and girl’s toilet block. Provision of disabled and ambulant toilet cubicles
Scheme Design – The new layout had to provide increased capacity ratio of boys and girls toilet facilities with concealed services and welcoming colour ways to differentiate the genders.
Due to financial and site restrictions full external insulation was not possible. Therefore new interior applied insulation material was researched and introduced to mitigate the heat loss from the solid 9” brick walls and concrete floors and ceiling.
Scope of work – Produce photographic and site survey, to prepare scheme layouts and outline specifications, spread sheet costs and Sketch 3D visuals.
Arrange initial meetings with borough surveyor, head teacher and site manager, to discuss options for layout, fittings, materials selection, including a review of maintenance and health and safety issues.



Case study – Primary School
External Building Refurbishment
Brief – Complete strip-out and upgrade of existing tempera y teaching building and bring up to modern teaching standards.
Scheme Design – Carry out structural and dimensional survey, produce full CAD working drawings, plans, sections, interior fit-out specifications, contract programme for competitive contractor quotations. Interior layouts to include new suspended ceilings, indirect lighting, integral data/power, integrated cabling for high level projectors and white board screens etc.
Scope of work – Submit drawings for building control approval; obtain specialist quotations for roller shutters, windows and electrical installation. Advise school on supplier and contractor selection.
Liaise with Site manager during construction and handover.



Assembly hall Upgrade
Brief – Provide design and planning options for upgrading the existing school hall to improve general aesthetics, lighting, and acoustics facilities to enhance presentation facilities, combined with proposals for a new raised dais stage, theatre style curtains and lighting to improve the quality of school drama and events
Scope of work – Carry out a site survey to produce CAD drawing layouts and prepare schemes for seating and stage lighting layouts with outline specifications, finishes boards and Sketch 3D visuals. Incorporate scheme into a cost feasibility with contract programme for implementation when funds available.



Case study – Primary School
Project Type – Science
Brief – In cooperation with the head of science, discuss ideas to provide a wildlife nature project sourced within the school boundary that could facilitate “day to day” monitoring by the children.
The school had a limited choice for a natural location as most of the play ground is covered in tarmac. Finally it was decided that an existing pond garden in front of the main school classroom elevation was an ideal position from which to expand a garden theme that could be developed to create greater pupil interest. To broaden the scope and therefore the extent of material for pupil investigation it was decided to divide the available space into three sections, comprising a vegetable garden, a natural wildlife pond and a formal Japanese garden to demonstrate the connection between nature and spiritual enlightenment.
Implementation – Initially produce outline design concept and plan layouts, illustrated by 3D sketch colour visuals. When sufficient funds havebeen raised, a detailed ground survey will be carried out to produce CAD drawings with builders work specifications and planting requirements. The project from inception will have total year 5 & 6 involvement including agreeing tasks for monitoring the garden and subsequent work studies and observations.



Case Study - Energy Conservation
School Energy Strategy - The objective was to discuss, review conservation technology, insulation materials and equipment to assess their effectiveness. In parallel with an evaluation of current priorities for building maintenance, subsequently report to the Governing body the options for the comparative investment costs and payback periods, incorporated into Master plan.
The core team reviewed all the services costs and scheduled into spread sheets to automate input options to demonstrate potential savings from new technology and direct building insulation combined with cost for supply and installation.
Based on the energy studies the school implemented programmes to review gas, electrical services equipment upgrade or replacement , some recommended items have been implemented, but financial restrictions keep others on the list for action, these items include :-
       Ongoing programme of roof and wall insulation to the general building fabric.
       Upgrade of boilers and future replacement with pumps, controls and water distribution pipe work.
       Installation of energy efficient gas optimisation valves.
       Replacement LED or compact fluorescent light fittings and control systems.
       Roof mounted Photovoltaic panels for generation of electricity to national grid.


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